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  1. Hi I know in preferences I can set Alfred to open contacts (which is what I usually require - love the large print option) or have Alfred open the contacts application. I recently searched for a contact, noted that one of the attributes was out of date and so wanted to open the contact and edit it. I guessed that the Function key would provide a list of actions that could be performed on the record, as it would when it finds a file, and I could open the contact in Contacts. But it didn't. It's quite possible that I'm missing something obvious: there is such a lot to Alfred now, and I keep discovering new things. But the option to open a contact that is presented in Alfred would be really useful. To me at least ;-) Many thanks. TJ
  2. Andrew thanks for the reply. I'm finding the paste, 'v', backspace, CNTL v is OK now i'm used to the keystrokes. Trevor BTW, I've just discovered Alfred has Favourites that can be pinned to the frame of the Alfred window - how useful is that. And why didn't I already know that??!!
  3. Hi, I found this thread as I was experiencing the same issue, though there are some differences. 1: Having used Alfred to find/use historic clipboard items, pressing 'Enter' does indeed send a lower case 'v' to the Parallels application. But then subsequently pressing CNTL 'v' in Parallels pastes the recovered clipboard item into the App. It's a bit clunky but it does get access to the historic clipboard items in Parallels. 2: In Parallels CMD 'v' pastes the current clipboard into the App, so I don't understand why Alfred doesn't emulate this? Thanks Trevor
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