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  1. Hello, I've just got caught out by a recent macOS update grabbing Cmd+Space back for "switch input source" (I think), and after some Googling found this thread and have now fixed the problem. I had a similar problem when I first started using Alfred, at that time it was the Spotlight default shortcut of Cmd+Space that was the problem. I totally get that its not possible for you to handle this situation in an ideal way (per Andrew's comment above). Given this though, could you possibly put some text or a link to the troubleshooting guide that Vero referenced onto the General tab in Alfred preferences? Its such a weird thing the way trying to setup Cmd+Space is just ignored, and IMHO I think many (most?) users will assume its just a bug/quirk of Alfred rather than macOS. I think it would be a useful service for users stuck by the same thing and would potentially prevent them from thinking poorly of Alfred. Cheers!
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