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    True, and so I took this workflow and tweaked it so that it can print multiple files. Download it here.
  2. before re-indexing I reset the search scope and tried to find a prefpane in Alfred and it shows up now! Something must have been accidentally removed a long time ago in my scope. Thank you! I love the app and use it about 30 times a day! So helpful!
  3. Hi Andrew, Unfortunately that did not fix the problem. I even went through the terminal and did the `sudo mdutil -E /` in case they were different things to no avail. What's next?
  4. I have never been able to access any of my OS system preferences from Alfred. I have ensured that the "Preferences" is checked under "Essentials". To do my own troubleshooting, I have unchecked that before, quit alfred, and then restarted my computer, restarted alfred and then tried again all to no avail. I'm used to just trashing preferences in these scenarios, however, I do not want to lose all my precious Alfred settings, folders to search, file types to index, etc. Are there other options that I'm just overlooking? I'm running 10.8.4 and running Alfred 2.0.7 (although this has been an issue since v1 I believe). FWIW I had originally downloaded Alfred from the App Store. Thanks.
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