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  1. Thanks! Where do you get the "iMessage Phone Number" action in your screenshot?
  2. Not sure how possible it would be, but I think it would be awesome to add this as a contact action on phone numbers & email addresses. That way you could quickly message anyone through their contact card in Alfred.
  3. Fantastic! Thanks! And even better, ESV happens to be my translation of choice Thanks for the work. - Jesse
  4. Awesome! Works great. Thanks again.
  5. Ahh yes, the obvious just renaming the keyword. Sorry for missing the obvious As for the string, indeed it has "if device_name != current_device" but still doesn't omit my current machine's tabs. Could it have something with it thinking my current device name has a dash in it and the Safari tabs file doesn't have that dash? Reason I ask is my machine name is "Jesse rMBP" — but Sharing Prefs Pane gives it a dash: "Jesse-rMBP" — but in the Safari tabs file its "Jesse rMBP" I'm not familiar enough with Python to try to debug what it thinks my current machine's name is, or I would try to see
  6. Does anyone know if there's a way to have this workflow just show the results for the workflow? On one of my Macs I'm getting files in the list of results that have "tabs" in the title. Not sure if it matters, but they're .js files. Reason I ask, is because using Alfred's "Action all visible results" command is helpful to open up all the tabs at once. But if there are files in the list as well, that doesn't work well. Also with the latest version, it doesn't seem that it's omitting URLs from the current machine I'm on. Not as big of a deal as #1. Just curious. Thanks! Wish I knew Pytho
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