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  1. http://d.pr/f/yLXo Shows progress info for safari downloads (by Clinton Strong).
  2. http://d.pr/f/nkhw Better performance on large number of files. Thanks, Clinton Strong.
  3. Subfolder still works fine for me. What's in your config?
  4. http://d.pr/f/cC8w Updated to avoid writing config.yaml unnecessarily. This should fix the performance issue in the last version.
  5. Sorry for the delay in updating. Just added 'max-entries' config to limit the number of results being displayed. http://d.pr/f/UPnq It defaults to 20 results. If you want to display everything in the Downloads, just change the value to ':all'.
  6. Added the ability to include subfolders. It can be specified using 'subfolders' in 'config.yaml'. An example: It will include everything which is of the form "~/Downloads/*", "~/Downloads/a/*", "~/Downloads/a/*/*", "~/Downloads/b/*", "~/Downloads/c/*". But "~/Downloads/b" will not appear in the result (since 'exclude' is true). If you want to include every subfolder, ':all' can be used: or more flexibility Updated on AlfPT, and http://d.pr/f/409f
  7. Fixed the default action issue. Now if 'install_action' is set to 'open', it should directly open the file. And now the script provides a unique uid every time it is invoked, so the results won't get reordered by Alfred. http://d.pr/f/lj1r also in AlfPT.
  8. Is that also hidden? I just filter out all file names starting with '.'. I'll fix this. Just realized that it will always check if there are stuff to install. Sorry about this. I'll fix it. 1) Do you mean display items from Downloads folder and all its sub-folders? Or display items from Downloads folder and walking down folders? If the latter, I'll have to set folder's 'valid' key to "no", and no operation can operate on it. 2) The workflow uses to get the time when an item is added to Downloads, and use this to sort the item. Because mdls is quite slow, the workflow caches the result in a file under I'm guess the cache becomes inconsistent with the order of files in Downloads. Another possible reason is that the workflow uses file name as uid, maybe Alfred changes the results a bit.
  9. I guess that the name of the zip file contains white space? Sorry about that. Just updated the workflow to address this. http://d.pr/f/YoTI
  10. changed the default behavior of certain files: if the item can be installed (an application, an dmg file, a zip file containing those files, etc), the workflow will prompt the user whether to install it. After the installation, if the item installed is an application, the workflow will prompt the user whether to launch it. Use config.yaml in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/recentdownloads.ddjfreedom/ to control the new default behavior: new version is on AlfPT and http://d.pr/f/CAIi
  11. I'm not exactly sure why. One reason may be that folder doesn't exist. The workflow will store some data in a folder created in that folder, so if it doesn't exist, the workflow fails. Maybe you can use the newest build of Alfred 2. I think it will automatically create the folder. Or you can manually create it.
  12. Thanks. Link in the original post is updated. Also http://d.pr/f/55Ia
  13. According to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11961032/xcrun-error-could-not-stat-active-xcode-path-volumes-xcode-xcode45-dp1-app-c, you need to run And I've updated the link in the original post. Now delete works both on files and folders, and hoding 'cmd' to move item to Trash. You can also download it here: http://d.pr/f/te4d
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