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  1. just to tie this up with an FYI. it appears the problem isnt with Alfred as it still happens if I open a PSD with spotlight. filing bug with Adobe now. correction - it was indeed a problem with Default Folder X - their latest update (4.6.3) fixed the problem thanks - loving Alfred!
  2. Thanks for responding. No, unfortunately that doesn't change anything. Still getting the weird behaviour. I'm still trying to work out if its Alfred or something else causing the problem. Tho it only appears to have started happening in the last 5 days or so. Using OSX 10.9.1, Alfred 2.1.1, Photoshop CC 14.2, and Default Folder X 4.6.2. (I can disable Default Folder X tho and the problem still occurs, so I dont think its the problem)
  3. Trying to work out if this is a bug or a feature I've unintentionally enabled... In Photoshop CC I have the pref 'Save As to original folder' ticked on in PREFERENCES > FILE HANDLING. stay with me If I open a PSD without using Alfred (ie: navigating to it using the finder) this preference is honoured, and if I go 'Save As', the default folder is the same folder as the original PSD I've just opened. If I open that same PSD (or any other PSD) using Alfred, the photoshop preference is not honoured, and instead of 'Save As' giving me the same folder as the original PSD, its givi
  4. It does - thanks David. Thats not bad - but not quite as quick as just hitting a key combo and going straight to the folder. Maybe a feature for a future release? Beers on me if you can squeeze another checkbox setting in there ;-)
  5. Hi there, just bought Alfred today and coming to grips with all the great stuff it can do. I can see how hotkeys work - and have managed to create a workflow to show specific folder finder window/s with a hotkey. Is there a way to set it up so the same hotkey jumps to that folder in an appications open/save dialog box? (ie: jumping to an often used folder location when saving/opening files). (As far as I can tell, if you are looking at an apps open/save dialog box and hit that hotkey now, it will open the finder window seperately... I want it to jump to that folder within the open/save
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