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  1. <palmforehead>I should have thought of that!</palmforehead> Thank you thank you thank you! That did it. One thing a little weird… Alfred had the right boxes ticked, so I tried cycling them, and the Alfred box in Accessibility would not un-tick. So rather than go into Terminal as your second link suggests, I used the "minus" box to remove Alfred entirely from the Accessibility list, then used the "plus" box to re-add it, then it would toggle ticks as it should. Then all was good! Sorry to have bothered you. I did go through the FAQs and such, searching for "Snippet", but didn't find that suggestion to examine System Preference needs. Take it as a testament to your normally smooth upgrades that I've become spoiled!
  2. This is most likely a "Noted" bug, and I will raise it with the OCLP team, too, but just in case you have some insight… I'm finding my Snippets keywords no longer work since installing Monterey on my Mac Pro 4,1 (with 5,1 firmware), via OCLP. I had been using DosDude's (dosdude1.com) patches to run Catalina, and Alfred was working fine, but there was too much software that would no longer run on a MacOS that old, so I used OCLP to install Ventura, and Bluetooth stopped working, so I instead installed Monterey, and now the Snippets keywords seems to be the only thing that I am missing! It is not only broken with my keyworded snippets, but also with ones that came with Alfred, such as !whoosh (static text). I do have "Automatically expand keywords by keyword" checked, whether or not "Word based" is checked. In addition, the Clipboard History does not automatically paste when one is selected from the list. Rather, it is placed in the Mac OS paste buffer, and hitting CMD-V will paste it. Perhaps these two things are related. If you have any insight about what might be causing this, I will gladly pass it to the OCLP team. EDIT: I just tried to report it to the OCLP people via their Discord site, but it no longer likes my password. 😞 I'll try again later. In the meantime, I've put this on the Faceplant group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/macprousers in the hope that someone from the OCLP team will see it. Thanks!
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