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  1. I tried print(output, end='') previously and the result was blank. And now I know my system is running python 2.7…
  2. I take business payments via Stripe on my website and Square in person, and track the processing fees as an expense. I created these workflows to quickly calculate the fee paid; enter or paste the amount received into the workflow, and it will return the fee paid and put it on the clipboard. https://github.com/allenrowand/alfred-stripe-calculator https://github.com/allenrowand/alfred-square-calculator I'm not affiliated with Stripe or Square other than being a customer.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to strip the ending characters from the output of a python script and I can't get anything to work. The script is: import decimal query = float("{query}") output = str(round(decimal.Decimal((query*.029)+.3),2)) print(output) I've tried appending .strip() (and several other techniques) to the end of the output variable, but the newline is still there when I paste the result. I apologize if this is ridiculously simple, but I'm not used to working in python and am not much of a programmer. For what it's worth, the workflow asks for input
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