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    stonefury got a reaction from CarlosNZ in MonitorJumper - move the top-most window between your monitor(s)   
    I position my laptop below my larger monitor, so it won't work for this case. Will be easy to fix, just mentioning in case there was a way to better identify the monitor to move the window to.
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    stonefury reacted to stonefury in AWS Workflow   
    I am a heavy user of Amazon Web Services. I usually need to stop/start instances as I am developing or hacking at something, and often I need to get the IP address of a server so I can ssh into.
    So I started a little project that uses python and boto.  It is not tested. I don't think you need anything other than the default python. 
    If you're interested, give it a try and let me know if it works.
    Example Usage:
    Set the region you want to search:
        ec2 config region=us-west-2
    Search for EC2 instances. It will search all properties of the EC2 instance. You can use a single keyword, or multiple keywords to refine the search.  The pubic IP address will go into your clipboard.
        ec2 find killroy running
    Stop/Start Instances
        ec2 stop killroy
        ec2 start killroy
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    stonefury got a reaction from cjs226 in AWS workflows?   
    Curious if anyone has seen anything on worksflows for interacting with AWS?  For example, listing EC2 instances might be handle. I am often having to lookup public IPs for machines I spin up.
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    stonefury got a reaction from Carlos-Sz in Evernote Workflow 9 beta 4 (Alfred 4)   
    Thanks for the super clear instructions for getting the pre-release alfred and evernote.  This is my most used alfred workflow.
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    stonefury got a reaction from alexcory in Minimize all windows   
    Sweet, perfect, first hit on google. Just what I wanted. Thanks.
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