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  1. Make sure that Alfred is checked off under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility. That solved the issue I was having.
  2. Tried using this today, and while I have all three apps, all I see is the notification that says this could take some time, but then nothing happens afterward. I'm on Mavericks and downloaded the workflow for Mavericks. I also have the ImageOptim-CLI libraries installed.
  3. Trying out .2-beta 2 tonight. It's faster! But I think it's so fast that it skips the last letter of the to do and sometimes does not completely enter it into the list. Will play with it more to see if I can reproduce the issue for you.
  4. Hi, I tried the new beta and it works pretty well as long as I don't type too quickly. If I type "wl to" then tab too quickly, it automatically outputs "wl Starred."
  5. Thanks for this workflow! I notice that when I add an item, my terminal window pops up. Is that normal?
  6. I tried poking around, but couldn't figure it out. Hopefully someone can install and get it working, then let us know how they did it.
  7. All it says is "Wunderlist updated!" but nothing else.
  8. Hi xtin, Yes, I ran that but still have the issue where wla will not accept any input. Here's what I see after running wlup. http://d.pr/i/qwuX then I tried adding test to wunderlist... http://d.pr/i/MADy
  9. Not just you. I couldn't get this to work either. Tried everything but no dice. The script doesn't seem to accept any input once you do the 'wla' command. Also, I have a Wunderlist Pro account so that doesn't matter.
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