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  1. Done and thanks for your help as well as for this article.
  2. Lists all Sublime projects on your disk and lets you open a choosen one. Usage sub {query} The matching of query is fuzzy. Download https://github.com/riotbit/sublimeprojects-workflow
  3. nethack is an old and lovely game, but if you go through the dungeon it is hard to remember the effects of eating corpses. So i just wrote this little workflow to get this information fast. Usage Type "nhc <yourquery>" into Alfred 2. If the query matches any possible nethack corpse, values for nutrition, initial effects, final effects and intrinsics will be shown if they exist. Download https://github.com/riotbit/nethack-corpse-workflow
  4. Hi, I want to write a little Workflow with Ruby. But i have a little bit trouble to do so. I use the Alfredo Library. Unfortunately until now i was not able to find some example workflows codes with the Alfredo library. Do somebody know such workflows?
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