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  1. Are there instructions for this workflow anywhere? I want to learn how to select which calendar to add an even to. Thanks, Jamie
  2. It's weird, when I reinstall it works once, and then stops. I don't know how to tell if my Evernote is from the Mac App Store or Evernote.com, is there any way to tell?
  3. Unfortunately it still doesn't work. Now it doesn't even show a Notification pop-up.
  4. Hi Carlos, I love this Workflow but I'm wondering if I can choose whether or not to include the URL of the top most browser tab to Appended text? I've included a short screencast showing my issue. I just want to know if there's a way to choose whether or not to include the URL when appending text to a note? Thanks, Jamie http://cl.ly/280a02183C0F/2014-10-08_10-40-54.mp4 Update: The workflow isn't adding anything now when I try to Append... see screencast http://cl.ly/0p2U1o071V2h/2014-10-08_10-53-12.mp4
  5. I'm having the same issue as above. No results.
  6. This is embarrasing... seems like everyone had this work first try but me! I installed js.node, and I entered my pinboard auth token, but still no dice.
  7. Technically I'm not sure how it would work, but if it could be done with a double space=new line it would be a perfect solution! Do tools like Keyboard Meastro or TextExpander work within Alfred?
  8. Quick question. I LOVE using the Append feature, however when adding list items is it possible to enter a "hard tab"? Simply put, I'd like to add a number of items and have them show up on new lines in the note. Any suggestions or is it just not possible at this time?
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