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  1. @FireFingers21 thanks for chiming in. What you said make sense but the interesting part is the hardcoded url I used was actually a https based one https://ticktick.com/webapp/#p/<project_id>/tasks/<task_id> , not the ticktick scheme in their reference. Alternatively I can hit this up with the ticktick folks; if I can just narrow down if this behaviour comes from ticktick or a unique feature from Alfred.
  2. Hi, I have an alfred workflow that heavily utilizes the OpenURL action to interact / navigate around Ticktick. What's nice about this is the "default browser" seems to launch the ticktick.app natively even though firefox is my default browser. It doesn't work the other way around if I specifically set the browser to be firefox; a new firefox window would then pop up. My question is, what is the difference with this "default browser" option, and can I programmatically invoke it? My goal is to replicate such open in app behaviour to interact with ticktick's tasks url on clicking them from other places, instead of hardcoding the url in the action. Thank you.
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