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  1. I need to perform a clean erase and reinstall Yosemite on my Mac, and reinstall all applications. Its a long story. What would be the steps to preserve and reinstall Alfred's settings, history and any other aspects of how alfred runs so I could be back up and running with it again. Thanks,
  2. I remember now there is a keyboard command that shows hidden files, but that is not working for me. I already have hidden files showing in my Finder as I must have made a change in terminal a long time ago making them show, and in my OSX Finder I see the Library folder showing inside my User name, but when I click the plus button for Default Results>Search Scope, none of the hidden files show as they do in my finder. And if while looking at the finder options in that pane, if I hold down the Shift and Command key, that does not make them show. Am I doing something wrong? I am running OSX 10.10.2. thanks,
  3. How do I add this path? When I go to that pane and click the + sign to add to the Search Scope, the Library folder is hidden so I cannot add it? Thanks,
  4. Thanks. I did look in the prferences and saw that what you said was there. And then I re-did my search and found those docs coming up. Not sure why they did not come up before but all good. Thanks for your support.
  5. Any update on this? And also wondering if this is the same as what I am wanting/ trying to do: I am used to typing in a ' and then a keyword in a file I am looking for. But since I have some files saved in the cloud via the Apple Pages app on my Mac (Mountail Lion), using that same approach does not bring up files in saved in the cloud. So I have to open the Pages and app and look that way. Is there a way to have Alfred also look in the cloud, in such a case, for my files there as well? Thanks. I use Alfred all day every day, but at the same time am not a power user enough to understand the fine nuances of how it works as such.
  6. I did that and it seemed to have worked. Will post here again if not, but so far so good. Thanks,
  7. I don't remember when this started, whether it was when I upgraded from )SX 10.7.5 to 10.8.4 or if there was some other issue, but when I type something into Afred v2 now, sometimes it takes about 5 to 10 seconds for results to display. Not always, but sometimes. I am running a 27" iMac purchased around 2011 with a 2.7 Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB RAM and tons of extra storage. This was never an issue before. Does anyone have any suggestions for what could cause this or any troubleshooting steps? Is there something I should uncheck in Spotlight searches? Thanks,
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