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  1. How are you even doing that? Alfred doesn't let me bind the same keyboard shortcut twice, I get an error bell instead. Anyway, you can recursively grep the plist files in the workflows directory. Just right-click the workflow you know the shortcut to and select Open in Terminal, open the info.plist in a text editor, nano info.plist then find the keys, eg: Then, from the terminal, go back a directory into the workflows dir, and run grep -r 1572864 * # or whatever key code you can use that's (hopefully) unique Finding the exact key command would be a litt
  2. You may be able to find some AppleScript that accesses Edge bookmarks. A lot of Mac applications have AppleScript commands available, but they're often not documented. I'm pretty sure this is how Safari and Chrome bookmarks are accessed under the hood.
  3. Are you saying you don't want to create a workflow? Create a workflow, lol.
  4. Ahh, thanks very much. I did put some examples into Google, but I must have switch some of them or something. And thanks for the math lesson. 🙏🏻
  5. When executing negative exponents in parenthesis numbers are often inconsistent. I guess it could be the notation's way of interpreting order of operations but I'd expect all of these to work the same way. At the very least, I'd expect the first screenshot here to be correct, ie. -2 to the power of 4 should equal 16. Not sure if this helps, but it could be that the interpreter is evaluating the negative sign as a subtraction operator and putting precedence on the exponent operation first. ie. it's trying to respect PEMDAS but the negative symbol should not be trea
  6. Ahh, I don't use Auto Expansion, so I never thought to look in its options. So (even without "Automatically expand snippets by keyword" enabled) I was indeed able to get the behavior I described above by checking "Restore clipboard contents: After Snippets Viewer or Keyword" in the Auto Expand Options configuration pane, pictured below: Thanks very much, @deanishe
  7. I start with something in my clipboard. I use one of my snippets in Alfred that utilizes the {clipboard} keyword to take what's currently in my clipboard and injects it into the snippet text then pastes it. When I execute the snippet presumably, it copies the snippet into the system clipboard then pastes it into the foreground application. The issue I face is that my clipboard is now overwritten with the snippet text, not my original text. I'm not able to quickly reuse my snippet again, since the initial text is now different. When I execute the snippet in this state I
  8. Thanks very much for the reply...the reason I recalled it working was of course because it does, naturally. The reason it's not working for me is not entirely known but is related to using Synergy with my Mac in client mode. When I open the lid and drag an item with my trackpad it works as expected. A bit of a Doh! moment, but it's such a rare occurrence, it hasn't come up very often and I'm generally using my MacBook as a Synergy client.
  9. This is driving me nuts. Sometime in the past I feel like I was able to drag and drop Workflow Objects (up and down) in Alfred, but it's eluding me. I've tried ⌘, ⌃, ⌥, ⇧ in practically every combination + dragging, and up/down arrows. In the mean time I've taken to editing the info.plist files. Finding objects, then linking them via their uid (eg. 48A46073-4B6E-4C2E-AB2B-A18169383256) then editing their ypos is laborious. It's rare when I need it but sometimes I need it, eg. when adding multiple modifiers, connections start to overlap and can start becoming hard to click. Someone
  10. So I'm a bit of a tab hoarder. I usually have three or four windows open, each with 5-10 tabs. I often have a YouTube video playing on one of them, either a podcast of sorts, or playlist with music, even just random videos of stuff I'm researching. If I restart Chrome or OS X I'm often presented with 3 or 4 (sometimes more) YouTube videos playing at once. Chrome has an awesome way of helping me find the noisy ones by showing a speaker icon on the tab, but when I've got multiple windows going on multiple workspaces, or even minimized windows, it can be quite the treasure hunt. Do you know o
  11. That's a good point. I translate a lot of languages, pretty often so it's rarely already on the one I want. Google is right 9/10 times which is way more times in a row than I'm likely to translate a single language. I mostly wanted to share it but since it's not a workflow specifically, I lumped it in here with the icon.
  12. I edited the icon to have a white border so that it's visible in the black. I figured I'd put it here for anyone that wants it. Old: New: PNG here:
  13. It would be nice if the included translate keyword went to the auto url instead of whatever state Google Translate was last in. I've made a new Web Search keyword to replace it on my machine, but I assume the vast majority of users would want the same functionality. So my main feature request is as simple as... Change this: https://translate.google.com/?text=old To this: https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/new I also found a Google Translate icon to replace the generic Google icon: PNG here:
  14. I too was wondering about this. I haven't dug too deeply but the autocomplete functionality is essentially broken but also completely unneeded. When searching for a tag "todo": .tagged tod ...Alfred's already filled with files matching any tag starting with "tod" (on my system, only the "todo" tag). Hitting TAB at this point autocompletes the first item's file name; I believe since it's a filefilter the item is treated as a file would be - which autofills "Grocery List.txt" intending to search for a tag with that name. In any case, the only reason you'd need TAB to autocomplete to the i
  15. I had the same issue. It has to do with some changes in Ruby 2.0 which now ships with Maverick....I don't actually really know to be honest. I did some Googling and tried a bunch of stuff real quick; it's so rare that a quick copypasta based on skimming stuff works. I found the fix on stackoverflow (of course): change line 1 of get_recent_folders.rb to require_relative "alfred"
  16. Great idea! I usually just struggle in the calculator until I get the answer that looks correct. I have a few thoughts on how it would be more useful...for me at least. A. The wording seems to be incorrect. "3 percent of 100" is indeed 3, but if you type "3 of 10" (which, in your wording would be "3 percent of 10") you get 30, presumably 30% - which is wrong of course. I suggest you change the example wording to "What percentage of 100 is 3:" or to keep the order and English correct, "3 is what percentage of 100:" and the subtext with the answer could be renamed to "Percentage of" to
  17. Awesome workflow! Thanks very much for sharing.
  18. That's pretty much what I've done in essence. Thanks for your reply.
  19. My solution is to have one script per keyword that has the keyword hard coded into it, that then calls a second script from within it...since I can't chain scripts Keyword -> Script -> Script -> Output. I still wonder if there's another way.
  20. Oh wait, I can't make an intermediate script, can I? I guess I'd have to make two scripts that do almost the same thing except have the keyword that calls them hard coded
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