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  1. I found this thread: Which is exactly what's happening to me, however I see that it's listed as closed and fixed in version 3.4.1 b858, but I'm on 3.5 build 875 and still seeing it. My config: MacBookPro11,4 (15" Retina - Mid 2015) 16 GB RAM High Sierra 10.13 (17A405) Alfred 3.5 build 875 Just wanted to let you know that it's still happening. Switching to Alfred Mac OSX theme did resolve the issue, but Frosty Teal (which I was using) is very slow. Cheers, Emery
  2. Sweet, thanks David, that did it, works like a charm. Cheers.
  3. Thanks for responding! They are links to a radio station that have been imported into iTunes. I tried having Alfred open the link, but then the link opens in Safari, which isn't quite right. Opening the link in iTunes gives me more control over the volume and works with the play/pause button on my mac. The custom search item sounds promising, how would I do that, or where could I read up on how to do that?
  4. I'm new to Alfred (coming from Launchbar), and wanted to do something pretty simple. I usually listen to one of 3 or 4 stations through iTunes. In Launchbar I just typed the name of the station (trance) and hit enter to start it playing. I realize that Alfred has an iTunes mini-player keyed to command-control-enter, but that's not part of my muscle memory and it seems like overkill since I only have 3 or 4 stations I listen to. Is there any way to create a workflow so that I can use the normal alfred window to start my itunes station based on it's name? I looked at the iTunes items in the workflow list, and none of them seem to look up a song or playlist. Any ideas?
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