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  1. If I put your script into the terminal I get the right informations: <item uid="diskspace" arg="" valid="no"> <title><riki12>: 921GB available</title> <subtitle>191GB (18%) used of 1.1TB total</subtitle> <icon type="fileicon">/</icon> </item> <item uid="diskspace" arg="" valid="no"> <title><riki12> TC: 79GB available</title> <subtitle>1.9TB (97%) used of 2.0TB total</subtitle> <icon type="fileicon">/Volumes/<riki12> TC</icon> </item> but if I put your script into Alfred and I digit the keyword "space" nothing happens: I can see the HD icon in a "working" status but nothing more.
  2. It doesn't work (in this way I can't see nothing, not even my iMac HD)....any ideas?
  3. is it possible to add the view of the network disks? I have a Time Capsule mounted on my desk but I can't see it.
  4. I receive this message: "Sorry there was a problem :(" any help? EDIT: I did it, I had to request an API
  5. same problem here....google.it I didn't understand how to change the file to have search suggestions in my language
  6. Hi I tried to search for a workflow like this but I didn't find anything. Is there a way to create a workflow to get road indications in Google Maps. Alfred should ask for: 1) Navigate from.... 2) Navigate to..... and then pressing enter I should see the google maps with my itinerary. Any help will be appreciated.
  7. many thanks This could help other people: To take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it to the desktop screencapture -S ~/Desktop/screen.jpg To take a picture of a window, and save it to the desktop screencapture -iW ~/Desktop/screen.jpg To take a screenshot of a section of the screen, and save it to the clipboard screencapture -ic ~/Desktop/screen.jpg
  8. If I do that, Image doesn't open but It doesn't save the png to desktop! Any helps?
  9. Is it possible to see a list of the triggers that I have in KeyboardMaestro after typing "km"? I am using the workflow under Mavericks. It works but I have to write: km + "the exact name of the trigger" ...and I never remember the exact name of the trigger
  10. Whit the fix is working here (Mavericks) a question: Is there a way to keep the window open after delete a file in the recent downloads? I think it could be useful cause many times I need to delete more than one file in my downloads folder and It would be so fast with this workflow
  11. Any way to get the screen capture to a new mail in Sparrow instead of Mail pressing "alt"?
  12. this doesn't work when Sparrow window is hide in the dock any help?
  13. Hi I have a lot of hotkeys as abbreviations to do something like repair permission in Utility disk or "Save file as PDF". I Made those with Keyboard Maestro cause I'm not very able with the scripts. Is there a way to create a workflow with Alfred to do that: I want to open alfred Digit for example "repair permission" and Alfred should press the hotkey (for example alt+option+G) I need to do that cause I always forget the Hotkeys! Any help will be appreciated
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