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  1. Are you accidentally keeping the shift key pressed while the workflow is running? That might do it.
  2. *** Bingo. It works fine in Text Edit, and doesn't work at all on Atom. It must be an electron thing. Thanks for responding. I wonder if there is a workaround for electron apps?
  3. I've got a snippet defined as: "ds," = "{date:yyyy-MM-dd' '}" I like to prepend dates to filenames and so when I'm in the SaveAs dialog of the Atom Editor, for instance, and I type my trigger, I just get a low-freq buzz (indicating snippet failure, I'm guessing). The snippets work as designed in the actual text of a file. Has anyone else run into this, or more to the point, does someone have a solution? TIA!
  4. I'm a QS -> Alfred immigrant, too. I love QS, but having to learn ObjC in order to add modules is a show stopper to me. Love this workflow, ahmadt. Thanks for having created it. Quick question, but can you invoke a File Action with a keyboard shortcut? Say I've got a save dialog open in Atom, and I browse for a directory in Alfred, can I configure it so that when the selected directory is show in Alfred, I can just hit something like Shift-Cmd-G to tell Alfred to run that File Action?
  5. Thanks, Kopischke. That totally makes sense. Oh well. Couple keystrokes, not a biggie, but thought it'd be worth it to find out. Glad that I didn't miss anything. Cheers!
  6. Hi David -- Can you elaborate? I've been looking on the Alfred preferences, and cannot find the "file filter setup sheet" that indicates anything about including system files in search results. Screenshot? Pardon my daft-ness, I'm new to Alfred. Thanks!
  7. Hi Kopischke -- I also pinged you on your tumblr blog, but I was wondering if a modification is possible in Alfred.... What I want is a keyword that uses the current selection as input into Dial. I know that you have the keyboard shortcut, but I wanted a keyword. I am new to Alfred (old Quicksilver user) and couldn't figure out a way to do that in Alfred. If I use a keyword, it doesn't have an option to take the currently selected text. Of course, I could do a CMD-C and then invoke the Alfred and the keyword "DIAL" and press CMD-V to paste it in. I was hoping for something a tad bit more streamlined. Thanks!
  8. I have just recently purchased the Powerpack because of the Gawker article on Alfred workflows. Great community here, and I think it will continue to be better as new functions are added to the foundation of Alfred. Scoping Hotkeys is one of these bits of functionality. Quicksilver has it, albeit it had been broken for a while, it is working again. Since installing Alfred, I'm definitely impressed, and at initial consideration, it seems like this is the most used feature of Quicksilver that I'm missing.
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