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  1. Hi all, I use Clear for my todo list manager on macOS http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/7/3613664/clear-for-mac-review. I wrote a helpful script show me how many todo items I have for the given day, script here: https://ghostbin.com/paste/zuc94 When I run the script as a local alfred script, it works perfectly. However, if I copy the same code to a file on disk and attempt to run it as an external script, I never get a notification. My setup is below, am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance
  2. **UPDATE** Added ability to download songs. See original post.
  3. Soundcloud Workflow: Features: Look up soundcloud songs Open in browser Download songs (hold CMD before pressing enter) Set Downloads Path (type "Set Download Path for soundcloud" in Alfred and type a path like "/Users/Admin/Downloads/" Requirements: Soundcloud Python: https://github.com/soundcloud/soundcloud-python If you have pip, install with: pip install soundcloud Download Link Github Screenshots: Notes: The artist information is NOT included as the summary. I did this on purpose, it makes the workflow twice as slow because it requires two fetches from soundcloud's se
  4. It works, but it is absurdly slow. I hope to start a re-write on tuesday and be done by next weekend. It shouldn't be too hard, but I don't have much time in my life right now.
  5. Downloads don't seem to work with me. 1.) I set the downloads folder via luxsettings to the desired folder 2.) I download a song, lets say lux https://soundcloud.com/goldfishlive/goldfish-one-million-views 3.) I get a notification saying the song is being downloaded 4.) I get a notification saying the download is completed But the song is not in the folder I specified in step 1, and after searching for several minutes I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Anyone else having a similar issue?
  6. Hi all, sorry it took me so long to get back to this, school takes priority. Awesome! I'll integrate and post an update tonight, thanks. I also wrote a filter to do this, the problem is, its fairly useless, as there is no tab to complete and you can only press enter once. This actually bugs be a lot, and I plan on making a large blog post detailing how to fix it sometime around thanksgiving when I get a break from college.
  7. iMessage a Contact Download workflow here Instructions Type keyword (default is iMessage). Enter contact name followed by ":". Enter the message you wish to send. Press return. Notes The concept and a few lines of code were taken from this I wrote this in less than 15 minutes, I plan to make it better later. But as of now this is the only workflow I know of that lets you select the contact and the message from Alfred. Screenshots
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