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  1. Hi all, I use Clear for my todo list manager on macOS http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/7/3613664/clear-for-mac-review. I wrote a helpful script show me how many todo items I have for the given day, script here: https://ghostbin.com/paste/zuc94 When I run the script as a local alfred script, it works perfectly. However, if I copy the same code to a file on disk and attempt to run it as an external script, I never get a notification. My setup is below, am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance
  2. Minimalist 2.1 By Ali Karagoz
  3. **UPDATE** Added ability to download songs. See original post.
  4. Soundcloud Workflow: Features: Look up soundcloud songs Open in browser Download songs (hold CMD before pressing enter) Set Downloads Path (type "Set Download Path for soundcloud" in Alfred and type a path like "/Users/Admin/Downloads/" Requirements: Soundcloud Python: https://github.com/soundcloud/soundcloud-python If you have pip, install with: pip install soundcloud Download Link Github Screenshots: Notes: The artist information is NOT included as the summary. I did this on purpose, it makes the workflow twice as slow because it requires two fetches from soundcloud's servers for every song, as opposed to one. If you would prefer to deal with the latency and see the artist information, I have included instructions for this under the readme. Plans: Thinking about adding an option to stream song via VLC or some other program. Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome!
  5. It works, but it is absurdly slow. I hope to start a re-write on tuesday and be done by next weekend. It shouldn't be too hard, but I don't have much time in my life right now.
  6. Downloads don't seem to work with me. 1.) I set the downloads folder via luxsettings to the desired folder 2.) I download a song, lets say lux https://soundcloud.com/goldfishlive/goldfish-one-million-views 3.) I get a notification saying the song is being downloaded 4.) I get a notification saying the download is completed But the song is not in the folder I specified in step 1, and after searching for several minutes I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Anyone else having a similar issue?
  7. Hi all, sorry it took me so long to get back to this, school takes priority. Awesome! I'll integrate and post an update tonight, thanks. I also wrote a filter to do this, the problem is, its fairly useless, as there is no tab to complete and you can only press enter once. This actually bugs be a lot, and I plan on making a large blog post detailing how to fix it sometime around thanksgiving when I get a break from college.
  8. iMessage a Contact Download workflow here Instructions Type keyword (default is iMessage). Enter contact name followed by ":". Enter the message you wish to send. Press return. Notes The concept and a few lines of code were taken from this I wrote this in less than 15 minutes, I plan to make it better later. But as of now this is the only workflow I know of that lets you select the contact and the message from Alfred. Screenshots
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