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  1. this seems like an unnecessary question. If I had to guess, it's because Jerek inherited the code from someone else. He's done a great job. I'd leave it at that.
  2. It looks like other workflows store data in the info.plist file. What if the data is stored there instead? THen you can rid of the timezone move command altogether? Also, if you still want to keep it for backwards compatability, you could use the info.plist to store a reference to the location of the file instead.
  3. I changed to latest version but ended up rolling back to 2.0 because neither seemed to work. I don't think preferences folder has ever worked tbh which is why I was using the move command to begin with. Thanks for prioritizing ! -d
  4. There have been two possible factors that determine the location of timezone.txt: The preference folder as determined in Advanced | Set preferences folder The storage location as defined within the timezone script itself (timezone move command). Right now, it doesn't appear to honor either
  5. Jarek: I noticed that the workflow doesn't save the timezone.txt file to the correct location anymore. Any chance you could look into that ?
  6. Looks like 2.12 is the latest: https://github.com/jaroslawhartman/TimeZones-Alfred/releases/tag/v2.12
  7. I don't get what you're trying to do or what the problem is. Are you trying to get it to highlight the right one ? My version ( 2.0 ) will only show the matching results. Maybe you could upgrade ?
  8. my first thought is that it's way easier to edit the actual file than removing and adding them back. You can find out where the file is using timezone move. And you should make sure that the city that you added is present in that file. If it's not, then that's the problem
  9. Jarek, thanks for the updates. The about page still mentions it being 1.8 even though the changelog has 1.9 in it. Also, I think it's good to reference the website and maybe github location too.
  10. convert 1 usd to sek ✔ convert $1 sek ✔ convert $1 to sek ✖ Why doesn't the last one work? bug?
  11. I don't know the answer but I would take this chance to get comfortable with 24. Am/pm is just an annoyance when you get used to it. There's a reason many countries use 24 including the US military
  12. Can you update the thread title to reflect that? I imagine that's useful for others who search and find this
  13. this one is sweet and exactly what I needed. The currency was a huge bonus.
  14. Hi Andrew, only some of the snippets are marked red, but I don't see the collection being shared at all. Also some of my settings aren't being sycned
  15. Snippets are not being shared in instances of alfred that share preferences over dropbox.
  16. btw, please take my idea and make an emoticon snippet collection. I used the keywords from http://emojipedia.org/
  17. I tried it with my laptop and it works there. But now that I have both instances using version 3 over dropbox, I noticed that the themes and snippet collections are not being synced (my choice of theme anyway)
  18. I've got a snippet set to auto-expand, but I can't get it to work. I'm at a loss as to why. Anyone else have issues?
  19. Here's version 0.2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qbscemzi2tcwkbe/emoticons.alfredsnippets?dl=0
  20. I have a custom path ~/local/Darwin/caskroom and even after Vero's procedure it's still not being indexed. :/ Oh, and it's in the search scope
  21. hey vero, thanks for the response. I got all the apps to index except one that is using a symlink ( installed via brew cask ). How can I get that to index?
  22. My mds server has serious issues and so what ends up happening is that I have many apps which don't get indexed. Is there any way to get around this to add them anyway? Or does it have to rely on the spotlight database?
  23. I ended up modifying the script myself. In timezone_list.sh < city_time=$(date -u -j -f %s $city_epochtime +"%T") #Create readable time expression --- > city_time=$(date -u -j -f %s $city_epochtime +"%l:%M %p") #Create readable time expression 157c157 Note the %l:%M %p was changed to simply %H:%M
  24. Any way to configure this so that I can see times in 24-hour clock?
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