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    drwatson reacted to Nikersify in Polyglot - yet another Google Translate workflow   
    I've made my own translation workflow, as the existing ones which I could find didn't quite suit my needs or lacked in some aspects.
    "Natural language" input Text auto correction, language auto correction Easy setup Configurable 100% free  





    node.js >=7.6
    Just run the following command in your terminal:
    $ npm i -g alfred-polyglot ...or (not recommended) you can download it directly from the GitHub releases page if you don't want to use npm. Note that if you would like to use the npm way in the future you will have to uninstall the workflow completely first.
    You can also go through the easy, but optional setup.
    Have fun!
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    drwatson reacted to mikeverzella in Add event to Apple Calendar   
    I am finding it surprisingly difficult to add a Calendar event using Alfred, and I'm disappointed this is not a native function of this app, considering Alfred's integration with other native os x apps. 
    Can anyone recommend a current workflow for this action, suitable for the latest versions of Alfred and OS X?
    Workflows which I have found for this action (from hamiseixas for example) are several years old and no longer function correctly. Quicksilver has long had this feature. 
    Thank you for any advise. 
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    drwatson reacted to Nikersify in Polyglot - yet another Google Translate workflow   
    type “trans” in alfred not the console bud
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    drwatson reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    I think I understand what is happening. I still don't understand why... Posted a query to Alfred, but I'm thinking of a workaround regardless of their answer.
    Best regards,
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