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    drwatson reacted to Jarek in TimeZones - a World Clock script filter [updated to v1.7]   
    I think I understand what is happening. I still don't understand why... Posted a query to Alfred, but I'm thinking of a workaround regardless of their answer.
    Best regards,
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    drwatson reacted to jason0x43 in Unit converter (no longer maintained)   
    Will do.
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    drwatson reacted to frankvs in Unit converter (no longer maintained)   
    I'd suggest http://units.dnsu.ch workflow Units to convert units. very intuitive and better design.
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    drwatson reacted to deanishe in how do I link workflow objects?   
    Hover the mouse cursor briefly over the point where the lines join your "movies" keyword object. You should see a little "nub" appear.
    Click on the nub (keeping the mouse button pressed down) and drag a connection to the left-hand side of your trakt.tv action.
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