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    cagnew got a reaction from idea4IT in VM Control   
    It works!  Thank you so much!
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    cagnew reacted to idea4IT in VM Control   
    Hi Chris,
    Please upgrade to the new v1.4 and let me know if the issue persists:
    I will push another update soon...
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    cagnew got a reaction from idea4IT in VM Control   
    It appears that this workflow has stopped working with the last Parallels 10.2.1 release.
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    cagnew reacted to djc in Current Conditions Workflow (retrieve from National Weather Service)   
    Hi guys,
    I made a workflow that retrieves the current conditions using National Weather Service stations. US only, sorry.

    The station codes can be found here, but generally the three-letter code of your nearest airport preceded by a "K" will work (e.g. KJFK, KSFO, KBOS, KPDX, KPHL). Let me know if this turns out not to be the case. You can set a certain station as default so you don't have to look it up once you've found one that you like. 
    Serves a similar purpose to David's Weather Workflow, but rather than providing a forecast it gives you the most up-to-date information with additional details like humidity, wind, pressure, dew point, and visibility.
    64-bit only. There's a C binary that I can't disclose the source code for, since it was for a class I'm currently taking.
    Here's the Github page.
    Here's just the workflow.
    If you end up using it and find it helpful please star it on Github or let me know below. I'd love to get some feedback.
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    cagnew reacted to mixterdee in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    Faves by D.Ferguson
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    cagnew reacted to C.C in PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows   
    All workflows by Mr. Ferguson
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