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  1. Just figured out my issue but it doesn't appear to be High Sierra. My hot key is ctrl+option+cmd+space. I would just roll my finger across all keys (including function) and press space. My upgrade was a red herring. This seems like changed behavior, but including function key does not activate Alfred. I'm pretty sure this is changed behavior as I've been using Alfred since it first came out. I'll now be more specific with my key presses.
  2. FWIW, this also happened to me. Seeing Paul's comment, I upgraded from 10.13.11 to .12 and that fixed it.
  3. This workflow + 1Password are completely awesome. 1Password has these 1 click bookmarks that will jump to a web page and log you in if it's required. I figured out if I gave 1Password and this workflow the same keyword, that they will give me both results in the Alfred list. I tweaked the workflow a little more. Here's what it does now. Changed keyword to "go". Just easier for me to type. Changed 1Password keyword to "go". This combines the output of this workflow and 1Password. Check out the screenshot. "go " shows my shortcut app list that I use all the time. Though after combining this workflow with 1Password, it might not be that useful. "go " + [any text] searches all browser tabs plus 1Password for sites that match [any text]. See the screen shot. [Command]+[Enter] runs an applescript to open alfred and type "go " I'm finding I hardly have to take my fingers off the keyboard. And instead of bookmarks, I'm loading these URLs into 1Password, whether they need UID/Password or not. Link to the workflow. I feel like I've forked your code, but I don't want to share it under a different name and don't want to share my changes under your name. Feel free to include any of my changes into your wordflow. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1192535/Go%20to%20browser%20tab.alfredworkflow
  4. Not a bug. I'm getting expected behavior on 1 machine and weird behavior on another. It has to be something specific to one of my macs.
  5. This is now working. I tested on 2 machines before reporting it, thought they had almost identical versions of OSX, alfred and 1password. I'm now thinking this was a 1P problem. Regardless, it works like it used to. Alfred and 1Password is a fantastic combination. Thanks for the follow up.
  6. I have 1Password 4. Both Alfred and 1Password were updated today with patches sent out today, so I guess this could be a problem in either package. Alfred will show the list of Alfred bookmarks, but when I select one, Alfred just goes away and doesn't open the page. If I go into 1Password and find that same bookmark and click it, 1Password will open a browser to that page. I have restarted both Alfred and 1Password and get the same behavior. OSX Maverick
  7. I was working on a workflow and got an update nag that there was a new release out. After the update, my hotkey stopped working. Hotkey was ctrl+cmd+alt+. (period). It was working before so there shouldn't be a conflict with another program. I am able to go back to the workflow and remap another key combination but nothing is invoking Alfred. I'm on Maverick. I can recreate this.
  8. Dropbox link has fixed code. Apparently, Maverick has new version of Ruby and Ruby no longer uses current directory in search path. Just needed a ./ on the require. require "./alfred" As I mentioned before, I'm not a ruby dev so I was not sure how to debug ruby in Alfred. Then realized you were sending errors to output.log <facepalm> Figured out the error immediately after seeing that log. Link to the explanation of the ruby change. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2900370/why-does-ruby-1-9-2-remove-from-load-path-and-whats-the-alternative
  9. Back to blaming Mavericks. I downloaded your original version and that works. Your second version does not work and that is the workflow that I extended. My extended version also doesn't work. I'm not a ruby guy, so any debugging is going to have to wait until I have more time.
  10. It appears I'm stupid today. I just downloaded and tried your original and it works. I must have screwed it up instead of Maverick. Fixing it now.
  11. Ugh, upgraded to Maverick and the workflow stopped working. I tried to go back to your original and that's not working either. I think there was some Ruby change in Maverick. Feel like a kid who had his present break on his birthday. "Yipppeeeeeee, it works.....awwwww" Here is the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1192535/Search%20Browser%20Tabs_Curtis.alfredworkflow Search_tabs.rb Line 23 Added shortcuts hash and used it to replace the query string if it matches Line 118 If query was a shortcut, add 1 row to the results to open up blank tab I slightly changed the format of the argument. Put in new field to know if this is activating an existing tab or opening a new one. get_default_browser.applescrip - Script to get default browser to set icon in results window. Used in search_tabs.rb activate_tab.rb - if/then to either activate a tab or open a new one. **Disclaimer** When I found out Maverick broke the workflow, I spent a little time trying to debug. I think I reset the code to my working version from a couple days ago, but since all my machines are now Maverick, I cannot test. When I get some time, I'll get back to this.
  12. Clinton, I ran across your workflow while working on one of my own, so I combined them. I don't want to post it here, because it's mostly your work. If you want it, I can send it to you or post it here. The two features changes are 1) the workflow recognized shortcuts to tabs and 2) the search results for those shortcuts includes an option to open a new tab in the default browser I've got shortcuts for Google Mail (gm), Google Calendar (gc), etc. So typing in "tabs gc" translates to "tabs google calendar". Case 1: Tab is already open. "tabs gc" returns 2 results. The first result is the open tab. The second result is "Open New Google Calendar". Case 2: Tab not found. "tabs gc" returns 1 results. The first result is "Open New Google Calendar". The idea is to just type "tabs gc" hit return and always see my calendar. Not sure if Alfred's learning with switch the "Open New ..." line to the #1 position. Let me know if you want these changes.
  13. Kopischke, This looks like a pretty amazing workflow, but I'm not seeing any contacts when I try "Call John". I think I've tracked the problem down to the contacts app which pulls the names/phone number from the address book. If I try "./contacts John" from the command line, I get "Illegal instruction: 4". I tried to use the contact package on the site you reference, but not love from those either. I'm on a new-ish MBP running 10.7. Any ideas? Thanks
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