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  1. Hey guys ! Lately, i've been finding my self to always delete files cause my mac has low space. It's time consuming, i have to go in finder, sort by size, or by date, select file and then send it to trash. I tried to create a workflow based on the "get rid of dmg files" it goes like this : - keyword >>> Folder content automation (path is in my download files >> Matching argument and.. it fails. Basically i can match by arguments like \.mp4$ or wav or mkv and then send the files to trash but it's not exactly what i want to do. What i want to do is : get files who are matching my extension :(e.g : \.dmg$, \.avi$...) sort them by date : if they are older than 1 year : send them to trash, if not label them. I tried with a lot of automation and playing with dynamic place holder {datetime -1y} but it dont seem to work. Would it be possible without using anykind of script ? Thanks to everyone who answer
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