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  1. Alfred's preferences menu states "Applications are always included in Alfred's default results". I took that to mean that I could safely remove the /Applications folder from the search scope. It turns out that if I do that no applications appear in the search results. I am not sure whether this is working as intended or is a bug. If working as intended there needs to be a simple UI change to highlight the dependency between having /Applications in the search scope and applications appearing in the default results. I read the UI as implying that these were independent. In my case including it brings in a lot gumph from applications that include samples; I want a feature where only application file types are pulled out the Applications folder. If it's a bug I have run the metadata on Safari which is one application that vanishes from my search results:
  2. Ah, I managed to fix it: In Security & Privacy System Preferences select Accessibility check Dash is selected and then restart the computer.
  3. Did you get the workflow working? I tried deleting it and reinstalling it, but I still have the same issue
  4. I had the same issue after the 2.8.4 update. However I checked the preferences and it turned out the sync folder had been unset. Pointing Alfred at the sync folder brought everything back
  5. I'd quite like to be able to specify parent directories in the Open command to filter down results, such as open project1/index.html That would make the search function more useful when dealing with common filenames. In the above example, project1 would just be the parent directory; the path isn't absolute. The full path for that file might be /Users/me/projects/project1/index.html for instance
  6. Yep, would love to see this added to both the Move To and Copy To commands. Once I've browsed through a directory in Alfred and the editable path field has appeared, I should be able to edit it and have any missing directories in the path created for me.
  7. That's worked perfectly, thanks for that. I just deleted the ~/Library/Caches/Metadata from the search scope, I couldn't see an easy way of excluding it. Is there anything in that directory that's useful to include?
  8. Maybe I've missed a preference, but for some reason my Hit List tasks are cluttering up my search results when I try to open files using the 'open' command. I'd like to complete remove the Hit List tasks from the open results. Is there anyway to do this?
  9. Just to say I'd love to see multiple fuzzy keywords, or rather the support for specifying search paths/parent directories. At the moment I have a lot of projects with common subdirectories which I often want to jump straight to, so by nature I'll type 'open img'. However as I now have quite a few img subdirectories finding the one I want tends to require browsing the search results, and often running a second search for the parent directory and browsing in Alfred to the subdirectory. Similarly I've noticed that on occasion Alfred's search results get cluttered with system files I've no interest in most of the time. Again being able to direct the search or limit it to specific area quickly seems like it would clean that up. I know I could edit the preferences to restrict where Alfred searches, but I sometimes I do want Alfred to find those files. My ideal solution (and I know that users are often misguided) would be to be able to either be able to specify parent directories in the search, such as 'open Prog App1 img' or 'open Prog/App1/img' If it's possible to implement this through workflows I'd be tempted to spend the time implementing it, though ideally I'd love it to be part of the standard open command. Generally Alfred has become a must have app for me and one that I don't think I could live without. And while this isn't a massive niggle, it is the one thing I come up against on a daily basis.
  10. This is a pretty specific and convoluted workflow, but one that I use quite a few times daily. Who's it for: It is useful to developers using the Corona SDK toolkit to create mobile apps. What it does: For a given string parameter, it searches a specified directory for subdirectories of that name which contain a main.lua file. Once it's found that it starts a new iTerm2 session and launches the Corona Terminal app with that main.lua file as an argument. Gotchas: Corona Terminal doesn't play nice with directories with spaces in the names. The original was written for Alfred 1. As it just invokes the script, the workflow is trivial, with the exception that you need to cd into the directory with the scripts first. My Run Script workflow element contains: cd script_directory python -u corona_launch.py ~/Programming/ {query} Here's the github for the original: https://github.com/personalnadir/Launch-Corona-with-iTerm2
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