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  1. And incidentally the curious behaviour of not being able to untick the preference has gone away
  2. Thank you very much. Removing the preference and re-adding it did the trick.
  3. I just mean that it echos the trigger word, in this particular case "`e" which is meant to expand to my email address.
  4. I've just migrated my Alfred settings to an M1 Mac and everything is OK apart from snippets not working. I have enabled accessibility as required but still no joy. Anything else I am missing ?
  5. I have just upgraded to V2 and am a bit dismayed by the extra complexity One thing I am struggling with is hotkeys. It seems you have to drag apps to the "launch file group from hotkey" window. However Finder is not a standard app. How do I do this ? I saw another reference to this in the forum but didn't understand the answer as I don't have the same menu options. The helpfile doesn't seem to help either.
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