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  1. File search seems not to understand the hyphen (-) as a normal character. For example, I have thousands of files with names like "lubbers-prl-2014.pdf" and "lovoll-pre-2004.pdf". A file search for "prl" or "pre" will find them, along with lots of other things, but a file search for "-prl-" or "-pre-" will not. I think this used to work, but the behavior seems to have changed. How can I change this back? There may just be a relevant setting hiding somewhere...
  2. Hi - I want to use Alfred to quickly access a folder, but many of my folders have fairly generic names like "Notes" or "Resources" and they don't come up in the top however-many file search results. Is there a way to limit a search to folders, or to raise the priority of folders in the list of search results? Thanks! Best, Chris
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