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  1. Hi, any chance you will be pushing the update soon? Thanks
  2. Ah a colleague of mine has found the solution. If you guys are interested in anyway you can download the ZIP-file here
  3. Hi Guys, I have to create UTM links on a regular basis and was hoping for an Alfred workflow to help me out with this time consuming task. I am no coding expert or whatsoever so if you please could point me in the right direction that would be really great I would like to be able to paste a URL and then enter 3 different queries: see URL below. http://www.mypastedURL.com/?utm_source={query1}&utm_medium={query2}&utm_campaign={query3} {query1} {query2} {query3} 1. Step 1: enter a keyword and paste the URL 2. Then I should be able to type {query1} and press ENTER (or whatever) 3. Then Alfred should ask me for {query2}. Press ENTER again 4. enter {query3} press ENTER for the last time -> save entire URL to clipboard. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Carlo
  4. Hi, I know this is an old topic. But is there anyway you can make the workflow to tell Bit.ly you want to customize the URL? Thanks!
  5. Smart move It's done. Hope you know the answer to my question.
  6. I made a simple workflow that opens a URL in Chrome (http://twitter.com/{query}). Every time I use the workflow it switches to Chrome to open the new tab. I'd like to know if there is a way to make the URL open in the background without it switching so I can stay working in Excel. Thanks
  7. Thanks, it worked! In the 'Add Task to Things' workflow I added an output -> Run Script and set the language to /usr/bin/osascript Then I entered the following code: delay 15 tell application "Things" to quit I did not even need to force Things to sync as it syncs by itself within 10sec (but you could probably set it to more if you need, maybe for an other app?) Anyway, it workss now, I'm happy, and thanks for your help!
  8. Thanks for your reply. In Things there's a menu option under 'File' called 'Update with Things Cloud'. So this should be the force-option. So I think I need to tell Things to Update with Things Cloud and then there needs to be the delay you say that can be built in. What code should I use for the delay?
  9. Is this even possible? All ideas are welcome
  10. Hi All, I have a workflow in place that makes it easy to add a todo to the Things.app. BUT it leaves the Things app open. Then I added a Applescript that tells the app to close. This works but I found that that it closes too fast, meaning that the Things app does not have time to sync the new changes to the server, meaning I can't view the newly added todo on iOS... Is there anyway I can build in a delay, or force Things to sync before quitting? Maybe any other ideas? Thanks!
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