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  1. How about Alfred setting an environment variable for the keyword used to trigger a workflow (if any)? I can get alfred_workflow_bundleid and alfred_workflow_name but if there are multiple keyword triggers in a workflow, I can't tell which one triggered the action. That could be useful information to have from time to time.
  2. I've got a workflow I'm quite happy with but I'm running into a problem trying to add some new functionality. I think I don't fully understand the limitations of script filters or maybe even how they are supposed to work. Here's what I'm trying to do: Each time I run my workflow, I store the query value in a text file. I'd like previous values to be populated from a script filter so I can either select one of them or type in a new query value. I've got the argument set to optional and I can get the previous values to populate just fine. I can select one of them by hitting return of selecting one with a command-key number. What I can't do is type in a new query value. Every time I do and then hit return, I end up selecting whatever is the first of the previous values listed by Alfred in the results. What am I doing wrong? Am I even using the script filter input correctly?
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