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  1. Hi Shawn, first of all thanks for your effort! Haven't seen this post before since I'm not here regurlarly.. I'm about to upload my two workflows. I was experiencing major issues while signing up and editing my profile though. At first my username (same as here) as well as my email-address was marked as invalid with no further information. Tried the same username with two different email-addresses, same problem. Then suddenly an email arrived confirming my registration, even though I never got a message that sign-up was successful. Now I'm registered, but I can't upload a profile picture. I always says "invalid entry" (I'm on a German locale if that helps you). File size restriction maybe? The image is 285kb.. but some infos to what is wrong would be necessary, at sign-up and later. Just "invalid" is not very helpful. EDIT: Yep, filesize restriction.. now it worked. Like I said, just some info about that please somewhere would be enough.
  2. Glad you like it, even better if it was helpful too.
  3. In case anyone finds this (like I just did): http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/3237-flush-dns/ The other links are all down currently.
  4. Flush your DNS cache on Mac OS 10.7+ Website and download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-flushdns-workflow Direct Download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-flushdns-workflow/blob/master/export/flushdns.alfredworkflow?raw=true Command used (see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5343): sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder ================================= I know there already have been workflows for this, but those have been uploaded to Dropbox and the links are down. Also (without knowing if this was possible with prior solutions), I tried to add a little convenience: you can enter your password as an argument directly into the Alfred launcher. This is much quicker and more convenient since you won't be prompted for a password anymore. If you don't enter your password into the launcher (or if it is wrong), you will be prompted for it. (And don't worry: I'm not storing or submitting any data. You can check this in the code, it's a quite simple workflow)
  5. Search vevo.com for music videos and watch them in your browser. Website and download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-vevo-workflow Direct download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-vevo-workflow/blob/master/export/vevo.alfredworkflow?raw=true Changelog v1.1: Arguments are now optional. If you don't enter any search term you will see a list of current video premieres. Some refactoring and bug fixes. ============================== I wanted to be able to search quickly for music videos directly in Alfred. Of course, vevo.com has to be accessible in your country. I have no idea what happens if not (let me know). This workflow has probably still some potential, I'm planning on improving it whenever I have time and ideas. But for now it works. I'm ordering the results by most viewed all time (descending), which puts the most popular videos on top. You can read the rest on Github. Feel free to let me know what you think! If you experience any bugs I'd appreciate if you report them.
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