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  1. In case anyone browses the forum to figure out why this workflow stopped working after upgrading to Alfred 3, just go through the workflow and update scripts as follows: [e.g., tell application] "Alfred 2" → "Alfred 3". @raguay.customct, this workflow is indeed the best. Thank you once again! It may be my imagination, but it seems that this workflow is even faster on Alfred 3. Fantastic! :-)
  2. OS X 10.10 Alfred 2.5.1 (308) Neither the command nor the action menu for "Reveal in Finder" is working. The command and action open the file instead of revealing it. I am using Path Finder 7 and TotalFinder.
  3. Thank you so much! I was looking all over the place to find a workflow like this. Please consider adding it to Packal, for those who use it! I absolutely love this app—one of the best things on my OS! Please keep up the great work! —Happy Mega Supporter
  4. I keep getting Error in workflow '[blahblahblah]/Alfred.alfredpreferences' and then the subtext says 'threads' Any ideas?
  5. • Great work, thank you for doing this! • Any way to make the search return partial matches? E.g., searching for "man" does not return "mandril".
  6. I installed; gave permissions; and nothing happens. Do I have to do something else to make my location accessible?
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