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  1. Nope, not for now. The found results are returned as they are. I could think of changing the code but is it really needed? In the the end it's a matter of pushing two or three buttons tops to navigate to the desired language.
  2. Done, download and replace the workflow from the link in the first post. To search manually, this is the syntax: "subgetm ShowName 01x10" (01 = Season, 10 = Episode)" (Attention! Don't forget to add a 0 in front of the epsiode/season number if this is lower than 10 (example: "1x1" must become 01x01) Tell me if everything's working as it should
  3. Download subtitles of current playing TV Show from addic7ed.com Download workflow here (GitHub) Check out sources here. Works with: VLC MPlayerX Recognized video filenames: "ShowName - 00x00 - EpisodeName" "ShowName.S00x00.*" Instructions Install the workflow Play a TV Show episode Open Alfred and write "subget" (to search automatically the playing video) or "subgetm" (to specify the what show and episode to download) Choose your preferred language/release and select it to download and open it automatically. Screenshots
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