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  1. When I use the command line: brew install speedtest-cli I get this error: brew: command not found
  2. I was getting no notifications or anything, but then it shows a notification and % progress of the download. Afterward, I cannot find the file on my computer nor desktop or anywhere.
  3. thanks, that must be what it was. it works fine now. Thanks again for this workflow. People are amazed when they see me use this, and it saves me so much time.
  4. just noticed an error that says, "No JOSN object could be detected".
  5. thank you sooooo much. I've been waiting for this update. This is a huge time saver for me and my whole family.
  6. Actually, I just updated from your link above for the workflow which was updated October 2017, but I get an error that says "No Passage Found"
  7. I love this workflow, and people are amazed when they see how I so quickly pull up passages in the blink of an eye. However, I notice that the API v. 2 has since deprecated, and this workflow no longer works. Is it possible to update this? Thank you so very much for this workflow
  8. would it be possible to add other languages to this like Thai?
  9. thanks for this, I use this all the time and leave other people scratching their heads as to how I can clip and paste passages so quickly with just a few keystrokes.
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