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  1. Update v4.3 [Download] Hey guys! New update. I've now built an installer that manages the installation and setup of large assets. So the workflow has gone from about 10.3mb to 3.1mb. When you first run a script inside of OmniTube the following things should happen: • OmniTube will take a little while to install all required dependencies. • It will then ask you to authenticate your profile inside of a separate window. • Then OmniTube will grab your information and open up the introduction webpage. After these things finish, OmniTube should be completely functio
  2. The way I had to set up OmniTube to upload Packal is extremely unstable. I would recommend downloading the version from this thread in order to fix the crashing issue (hopefully). I am still working on an update to fix the size and other issues. I'm close to being able to release it (I think), but I still need to test it some more, and play around with trying to get everything to move faster. I hope to get this update out by the end of this week.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! As of now I'm working on a project that will download and correctly setup all dependencies for any of my workflows. So eventually the workflow will be smaller and available from Packal. It will also allow you to use already setup applications like cocoaDialog and terminal-notifier if they are already located in your /Applications/. This will hopefully fix not only the size and reoccurring dependency issues, but hopefully will fix any framework problems that occur as well. I'll also look into fixing the LaunchServices.plist issue. Thanks for the reports!
  4. Update OmniTube(v3.8a) Hey guys! I've tried to get OmniTube to function better on other systems. (It is working perfectly for me right now) Here are a few things to note before you update: This workflow grows faster after more use. If it seems slow at first then just run YouFeed a couple of times to speed it up. Dark and light icons are now supported with GlyphSetup (thanks to Clinton Strong for helping me out with this project) Icons are setup for light themes on install. Icons will change after about 30 to 60 seconds of using a dark Alfred theme. Every web-browser should now be sup
  5. So your default browser is set to Sublime? or are your .html files set to be opened with Sublime? I think I know why this problem is happening on your system. After the authentication process I have a custom HTML documentation open up using Python's slightly stupid "webbrowser" module. The next update will fix this issue, but for now could you tell me what the HTML that opens up looks like? (maybe paste a bit of it on this thread) Either it's my HTML documentation or there is a bigger issue opening up the actual searched URLs. I'm working on a fix to the default browser problem, so now Go
  6. Thanks! For anyone using this workflow, if you find that anything breaks or doesn't work then please post the issue on this thread. Any information on bugs is helpful for future updates!
  7. So the Firefox window wasn't showing up on startup? Were the windows completely hidden or were they just in the background? Also did the workflow work after you entered your information? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to get as much information as possible on any problems. The workflow works perfectly on my machine, but that doesn't mean it works the same on every machine. Thanks for your feedback, any more is appreciated.
  8. @politicus Thank you for the feedback! It's very hard for me to test features for this workflow since YouTube accounts vary by so much. So any detailed feedback on broken features or problems that occur is greatly appreciated. The Firefox window that appears on setup is set to Firefox by default. Since Firefox is so easy to use when it comes to scripting, I have set Firefox to open as default. I hope to allow the default browser of the user to open up instead of Firefox in the future. Keywords that begin with "►" must be left unchanged. Many of the features in OmniTube require automat
  9. OmniTube(v4.3) Alfred ⇄ YouTube account automation Description SCRIPT FILTERS The script filters in OmniTube include: YouFeed lists all of your subscription's recent uploads. YouProfile shows basic information about your account and gives you access to your playlists. YouPopular lists the most popular videos of today. YouHistory shows your recent video views. YouVideo, YouChannel, an YouPlaylist allows you to search all of YouTube. By using the keyword you in Alfred the following results appear. When you use YouFeed OmniTube will quickly download the required user thumbnai
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