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  1. Are you saying that the download doesn't show up in the downloads folder, or are you not able to download the file at all? All audio downloads first get downloaded to a temporary file located at "/tmp/luxinate_temporary.part" then this file is converted and saved to wherever you've specified downloads to be saved. So to test if your downloads are working try having a Finder window open in "/tmp/" when you start a download. If a file luxinate_temporary.part shows up then your downloads are working and it might be either the conversion command or a specific download path you've saved. For me to figure out whats going on I would recommend entering open /tmp/ into your Terminal and then running a download. Then post a reply telling me if you saw the luxinate_temporary.part file be created in the /tmp/ directory. This will help me get a grasp on what is messing up. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a quick fix for that. Thanks for the bug report, Ill have to fix that in the next update. The way I have luxsafari and luxchrome setup takes the "audio" or "video" parameter and filters the open tabs by what is available for download. So downloading audio from youtube using luxsafari doesn't work in this update. Sorry for the inconvenience. Next update will fix this bug. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Thank you for the report. I was afraid that that the way I set up the SoundCloud search wouldn't work for everyone. If you could open up your terminal and install the SoundCloud directory to your machine by entering... sudo pip install soundcloud This should download the SoundCloud API directly to your machine. If the pip command doesn't work for you, then try this command instead. sudo easy_install soundcloud Let me know if this fixes the luxsoundcloud option. Thank you.
  4. Your very welcome! And thank you guys for the support you've shown to this workflow. Any new ideas and suggestions are welcome. New update is out as well. In this update I added the ability to search through SoundCloud for songs to download and fixed many bugs. Thank you again!
  5. I would suggest updating to the newest version and then trying the download again. Since your saving to a volume it might be a problem with permissions of the drive. Other than that there shouldn't be a problem with the download.
  6. *** Major Update *** I have included a option that allows the user to check whether there is an update available for Luxinate. This will keep the amount of times I have to modify the forum post due to small essential updates. Please report any bugs to me via this thread. Thanks for your support!
  7. Just a notification to everyone using the workflow. The LuxPlaylist download audio option is broken in the latest release. This will be fixed within the next week.
  8. Can you please give me the path to the new downloads folder you set in luxsettings? It may contain characters that I didn't know should be supported for console use.
  9. As of now, youtube-dl's extractor for Bandcamp media is basically broken. Luxinate can download Bandcamp media if: The URL is similar to this "http://brove.bandcamp.com/track/alone" The song is listed as free on Bandcamp The webpage refers to bandcamp, not some other site Sorry that I can't fix this to work on all media available on Bandcamp. If youtube-dl's extractors get updated Ill make sure to find a way to modify the extractors for Bandcamp.
  10. Luxinate version [3.4.1] is out and available for download! New updates include: YouTube video title query feature Playlist download feature Ability to set default download formats for video and audio Many bug fixes This version may still contain bugs (especially with the new features) So if any bugs are found, then please notify me immediately via this thread.
  11. Good suggestion. I had this feature in mind a while back but never thought anyone would want to mess around with custom downloads that much. Your feature will be in the next update!
  12. Your welcome! If any ideas for future features occur to followers of this thread, please post a response!
  13. "►luxadvanced" is meant to only be used as an action modifier to the default "lux" option. Let me explain how "►luxadvanced" operates. When you enter a url into "lux" you get 1 or 3 options... When the action modifier is applied to one of these options, "luxadvanced" will start. I believe that the default action modifier key is ⌘. After selecting the option you want while using the action modifier key you should see a window that resembles this... In this loading window, the original "lux" is saving the data to a temporary text file and then prompting Alfred 2 to search for an option named "►luxadvanced". For this reason, "luxadvanced" must be named "►luxadvanced". After "luxadvanced" reads the text file with the data, it will generate options specific to the data supplied, then it will prompt the user to pick one of these options. Selecting one of these options will allow you to download custom formats of video or audio. So to fix your problem, change your keyword "luxa" back to "►luxadvanced" so that Alfred can find the option successfully. Then if you want to engage "►luxadvanced" just use the action modifier key on a default "lux" option.
  14. Update is available Fixed custom download folder bug Added download history setting Increased download speed by using youtube-dl's -f option
  15. So for example: If I wanted to set my downloads to be saved to the path "/Users/ritashugisha/Desktop/LuxinateDownloads/" I would modify line 45 to the following: On the other hand, if I wanted downloads to go to the directory "/Users/ritashugisha/Desktop/Luxinate Downloads/" (notice the space between Luxinate and Downloads) I would modify line 45 to look like the following: As for your idea with action filters, I have made plans to create an advanced downloading process in the next update. youtube-dl's options are vast but limited at the same time. Post processing options as well as authentication options I tend to stay away from. Using FFMPEG the way I need it to be used is much faster and effective than using youtube-dl's built in post processing. The theme used in the demonstration is Rayless by Humanoidism. You can download the theme here.
  16. Future versions of Luxinate are going to include a settings option that will allow the user to... Set the path downloads are saved and more... (Suggestions are greatly appreciated) As a temporary fix to your problem: Open the workflow folder for Luxinate Open "LuxinateProc.py" in a text editor On line 45 change the global variable DOWNLOADS to the path where files will be saved (If your path includes spaces, then put your path inside of the "formatSpaces()" definition) To change youtube-dl to fit your needs requires some background knowledge about youtube-dl itself. If you want to know more about youtube-dl I would recommend reading this as well as the source code itself. To answer your question "(i.e. always download the highest quality format available)" youtube-dl defaults to downloading the highest quality available as stated on youtube-dl's FAQ. Thank you for your feedback!
  17. ▶ Luxinatev7.01 ~ DEPRECATED ~ This workflow is currently not supported... Luxinate is an Alfred.v2 workflow designed to automate the use of "youtube-dl" and "ffmpeg" to download streamed media from a large set of supported sites. — QUICK OVERVIEW — Luxinate has several available options. The default "Luxinate" option will allow you to download video, audio, or even both! The "Advanced Luxinate" action modifier will allow you to select a specific download quality or format. Several built in settings allows you to configure Luxinate to your personal preference. All of your downloads will be saved for your future reference. ▶ Download v7.01 ~ Enjoy ♥ Ritashugisha — View on Github — Previous Versions
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