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  1. Hi! I'm running the latest Parallels (9.0.23062) and Alfred Versions (2.0.9) on 10.8 with Parallels Win-Mac clipboard sync enabled. I'm using alfred since the early beta days and I'm really happy with it, except when it comes to the clipboard history and Parallels. I'm forced to use Notepad++ and Word 2010 a lot, so the following bug is really annoying and makes alfreds clipboard history almost unusable for my day to day work. Alfred doesn't correctly remember Parallels clipboard items, when I copy multiple items (e.g. strings) in Windows. When viewing the clipboard history, only the last item copied in Windows is available. If I copy multiple things, I have to open the clipboard history after every copied item so alfred remembers all items. In addition, Alfred always displays wrong icons beside parallels clipboard items. Alfred displays either the Alfred hat logo or the icon of a random Mac application (wrong icons don't bother me, but maybe it helps tracking down the issue as it seems to me that the problem is related to Alfred not being able to tell from which application clipboard items added by Parallels come from) This bug is present regardless of the guest Windows version, I've tried XP and 8, and regardless of the Windows application used. It also didn't work with older Alfred/Parallels versions. Please fix this!
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