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  1. Hi, I've been using Alfred happily for a while now but am really keen on getting the powerpack (mostly due to workflows and file navigation). I was just wondering if we'll have another birthday discount on Alfred's 4th birthday on the 28th of Feb. Any idea? Regards Raptor
  2. I just noticed that that feature is already present in the Power Pack.
  3. Hello, forum I've been using Alfred for a while now and have grown in love with it. However, I often find myself typing in a path to a file rather than the file name. It's an old habit stemming from using command line. I was wondering if a search by path feature could be included in Alfred. For example, one could type in: "path /localdrive/datadump/xyz", and with each addition of each directory, files in said directory could be listed. Tab could be used for auto fill, just like in command line. The top result would be the directory in the typed path itself, so pressing return would open that directory or file (i.e., pressing return after typing the above would open the "xyz" folder, while the other options will be for files and of folders inside "xyz" folder) You could predefine certain locations too. For instance: "path data "/xyz", would do the same as above, but data would be defined to point to the "datadump" folder. Alternately, one could search from the middle of the path: "path /datadump/xyz" This might not be useful to many people, but would certainly increase workflow for users who're rapidly opening files but can't reindex every week or so. I hope you find this useful. Regards Raptor
  4. That resolved the issue. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello, forum I have two drives in my MacBook Pro, an SSD for boot and an HDD with an HFS+ partition for storage and an NTFS partition for bootcamp. After installing Alfred, I noticed that the partitions on my HDD were not indexed. I followed Apple's reindexing procedure (adding the volumes to the non-index list and removing) and it went through just fine. Now, spotlight shows files from those two partitions without any issues. Alfred, however, refuses to search in those volumes. What should I do? Regards Raptor
  6. Hello, forum I started using Alfred 43 minutes ago, ending my long standing command+space relationship with Spotlight. I'm running Mavericks GM. I just noticed that when using the Dictionary define function, if the dictionary is already open on another space, Alfred doesn't shift to that space. It doesn't bring the dictionary in focus on the same space either. Not a big issue, but just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. Thanks for the wonderful application. It took me less than 10 minutes to fall in love. Regards Raptor UPDATE: I wanted to add that the Dictionary app does get selected but no window comes up from another Space.
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