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  1. I can search and find the files on GFDS from Alfred after I added the Google Drive volume path to Alfred’s search preferences. I search them using the ‘ filename command. To search for folders I always use f foldername. That doesn’t return anything from GFDS. im in the phone now. I’ll post a screenshot of the preferences and the metadata tool part later today. thanks
  2. Yes, it does work. I can search files. They're clearly on my Google Drive folder in my laptop. The indexing is working. It's only searching for folders that doesn't.
  3. Hi, We now use Google Drive Stream at work instead of Dropbox. I added /Volumes/GoogleDrive to the search scope settings and I can search for all the files. However, I can no longer search for folders typing "f foldername". Is there anything that can be added to the Simple Folders Filter to also show drive folders? Thanks, Jordi
  4. Hi, I just made a simple workflow to toggle my Jambox on/off. I am not a software developer, so this might not be the cleanest/nicest/most efficient solution, I just decided to give it a try since I couldn't find any workflow that did this. It's quite simple, call Alfred and use the keyword "jambox" to toggle between the default speakers and the Jambox. The keyword calls an Applescript that will toggle the sound output between the "internal speakers" and the Jambox. You'll have to edit the script and change the bluetooth_speaker and default_speaker to the name of your sound ou
  5. I'm no expert, but you can easily play the entire album via Applescript by using play track and the Spotify URI of the album: tell application "Spotify" play track "spotify:album:1BQKW8puOR4ZPEgFwd5eI7" end tell Edit: In fact, you can play any Spotify URI using play track no matter if it's an artist, album, playlist or track.
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