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  1. Hi all, I've created a workflow that searches your iTunes library for lyrics that you type and starts playing the first match it finds. See it action and download here: http://samrayner.com/posts/alfred-lyrics Your tracks in iTunes will need to be tagged with lyrics in order for the search to work. There's a great little Mac app called Get Lyrical that automates it for you but it may take a while to do your whole library: http://shullian.com/get_lyrical.php Enjoy! Sam
  2. For anyone who uses Sprint.ly: http://samrayner.com/posts/alfred-sprintly/ Note: You'll need Ruby 1.9 installed with RVM - https://rvm.io/
  3. Hey all, Blogged a tip on bootstrapping Alfred to use a newer version of Ruby with RVM (system Ruby is 1.8.7). http://samrayner.com/posts/alfred-ruby/ Hope someone finds it useful. Cheers, Sam Note: your Workflow will require users to have RVM installed if you use this.
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