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  1. I'm wondering if you're encountering the same problem I just posted about. Could you try writing a trivially simple script and see if it works through Alfred?
  2. I've confirmed that this has nothing to do with the script - it happens even for a simple script I created that is nothing more than tell application "Firefox" activate end tell This works when I run it from AppleScript Editor or save it as an application, but it does nothing when I run it in Alfred, whether through file navigation or through a "Launch Apps/Files" workflow action.
  3. I have an Alfred workflow that opens an Applescript contained in a script file. It used to work just fine. As of today, it seems to have stopped working through Alfred - nothing at all happens when I run it. This also happens with some scripts that I run from the Alfred command line. I have "Run applescripts instead of opening" checked, but when I navigate to a script and open it, nothing happens. Oddly, this happens only for some scripts, while others seem to work. The scripts all work when I run them from Applescript Editor, or if I save them as applications and run the applications
  4. Here's my first public workflow... you can enter a date, and it opens a page for that date in Google Calendar. As you can see, the workflow shows you the day of the week for that date immediately in the action title. It also does some simple date arithmetic, letting you go forward or backward a number of days, weeks, months, or years from a given date. Or you can leave off the date and just use +/-, and it will navigate forwards or backwards from today. Download Readme file (with instructions on how to change the date format to DD/MM/YY) GitHub source
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