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  1. I know zero about programming and scripting, but I'd really like to make an Alfred command to open and set up some apps for doing video work on my iMac. I see a built-in workflow to easily add apps to (Launch file group from keyword), but there's one more step I would like to do. I have set the workflow to open my FTP program (Fetch), final cut pro x, and smcFanControl. I would like the next step in the workflow to make smcFanControl begin my "Video Render" settings (which crank up my fans). If anyone is familiar with this program and knows how to write that script, I would be very grat
  2. I guess what I'm saying is, the command isn't doing anything. When I type the command out, like "radd get pet food", only google, amazon, and wikipedia search options show. Same when I type "r help". Curiously, when I just type "r" there are several things that come up, like apps that begin with R, and then down at option 7 is "add a reminder". But if I choose that, I'm right back to the results I've described.
  3. Hi. New to using workflows (and Alfred). I understand the gist, but when i type "radd" it just displays google, amazon, and wikipedia search options. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere? Thanks and sorry to bump this thread for a noob question.
  4. I'm having the same problem as the last couple of folks.... I type in "spot_mini" and nothing happens. I tried following some suggestions you had for the others, like finding the file in Application Support but there's nothing there like that. Any help?
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