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  1. Alfred Build 4.0.8 [1135] macOS 10.15.1 Sublime 3.2.2 When Alfred is running, select text in Sublime. Then either Copy or Cut the text with Command-C or Command-X. Then try to paste that text somewhere else in the same Sublime document. For me, the copied/cut text does not get pasted. Instead, the previous contents of the clipboard get pasted. It is as if Alfred is preventing setting the text to clipboard with Command-C or Command-X. Interestingly, pressing Command-C twice does set the text to the clipboard and can be pasted. If Alfred is quit, then copy and cut in Sublim
  2. As this was over a year ago, does anyone know if there is a way to change font settings for the snippets UI? The current list and preview pane font are too small for me.
  3. Providing an update that I've been running my Alfred prefs in iCloud Drive for the past month without any issues.
  4. Yes, it seems to have improved a lot to me as well. I'll give it a go and have Arq running versioned backups on the Alfred folder in iCloud. Thanks for the help!
  5. @vitor, you have correctly summarized my reasons for wanting to move away from Dropbox. Your points on first party sync are also well made. So is it your understanding that the iCloud issues were exclusively related to the Optimize Mac Storage settings? If that's the case, I'll probably go with iCloud since I have that setting disabled anyway.
  6. I’d like to stop using Dropbox since iCloud has replaced its function for me, but Alfred sync is on of the few things holding me back. I see it is not recommended to use iCloud Drive. Perhaps a new version of Alfred could have sync built in without any need for a third party like Dropbox or iCloud Drive? Thanks.
  7. Thanks, I did see that, but I was wanting the ability to do this for google's I'm feeling lucky search result. I was able to figure out how to do it and made the following workflow. I've called it QuickLucky. To use it, just type the keyword "ql" and your search term. Alfred will then show a quick look preview of the webpage. http://cl.ly/261S183y1d05
  8. I'm specifically looking for a way to show me a quicklook preview of the google "I'm feeling lucky" result for a query term. Is this possible?
  9. I am wondering, since a share URL can be generated for any file in Dropbox (not just in the Public folder), will this workflow let me specify a location in Dropbox to send a file (besides Public) and return a share URL to the clipboard? Thanks.
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