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  1. Thanks, @vitor. So, I have to create a custom workflow? Sounds like functionality like this isn't standard...?
  2. Hi, I did a quick search and didn't find anything so I was curious if others knew. I am looking for the ability to bookmark file system folders that I can open using keywords. I am guessing that I could create aliases or something like that in an indexed folder. Any thoughts on whether this functionality might already exist or a good approach for it? Thanks!
  3. You are right, it's Alt/Option+Up and not Command+Up as I had in my original post. I have edited my original post with the correct combination. I was thinking the same thing, i.e. shortcuts, but it's not easy to remove a shortcut out of order. It always removes the last one in the list, which wouldn't be the expected behavior for a shortcuts-type of functionality so I am guessing that it maybe something else.
  4. I accidentally hit Alt+Up Arrow while on a search result and noticed that the icon was pinned to the top of the alfred window. I looked around to see if what that was for, but couldn't find anything (probably not looking for the right thing). What does Alt+Up Arrow do? Here is a screenshot showing this.
  5. I was hoping that the base alfred2 would support a copy paths file action when you have multiple files selected. The individual one works well now so the same thing for multiple files. Thanks!
  6. The only one that I can think of is Path Finder, but I doubt that's the cause. It's interesting that the main Alfred window shows the correct path (i.e. without slash), but I get the slash when I use the copy the function. See the screenshot below.
  7. Hi, Does Alfred 2 support searching folder names that are in "Favorites" in Finder or ("Places" in Path Finder; I think they are the same)? Or are there any workflows that allow saving a list of folders that can be called? I can always create a new one myself, but I was hoping there would be something out there already. My search didn't result in any finds. Thanks!
  8. * What you were doing when the issue happened Copying a file path. Select a file (not folder) in finder, press Cmd+option+\, and choose Copy Path to Clipboard. The copied path will contain a slash after the end of the filename (which signifies a directory). e.g. '/Users/thebitguru/Downloads/Alfred/Alfred_2.1_218.zip/' * Whether you were able to replicate it a second time by performing the same action Yes, appends the slash in all cases. * Include any screenshots that might help us Not necessary. * Include the Alfred version & build number you are using v2.1 (218) * Include your OS X version 10.9
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