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  1. Seeing errors for ZSFNote as it pertains to the SQL databases
  2. Just re-uploaded the file to Packal and my GitHub. Please try again!
  3. If you're having trouble getting the workflow to work and you're on V2 I am currently working on a solution. The issue is related to exporting a workflow from V3 and trying to have it run on V3.
  4. What version of Alfred are you running? If you turn on debug mode does it show any errors?
  5. Can you give more concrete examples? What commands are failing? Are you putting any queries with them? That kind of stuff
  6. Just pushed a fix to GitHub and packal. There was a key error but it should be fixed. Let me know. Can you specify what's not working?
  7. This should be in the workflow already. Make sure you have the latest version.
  8. Feel free to add it. The current functionality for sending messages to channels isn't ideal, but it gets the job done. When I started working on this I had a lot more free time, but since my time has been a bit limited. My hope/plan was to implement some kind of DB or text file feature so that an API request wasn't required every single time and you can more easily navigate your stuff. It's just a time thing for me.
  9. Thanks. Somehow all the files got overwritten. I'm updating it now.
  10. Hey everyone, this now supports sending messages to channels. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!
  11. Can you open the debug menu and run slim? I should clarify a bit more, but when using slim it should be used with their chat name and not their real name. So if your real name is John Doe but your chat name is Maddog, search for maddog.
  12. Good catch! I just updated the workflow file to include the library. Can you give it another go? https://github.com/fspinillo/slackfred/blob/master/workflow/Slackfred.alfredworkflow
  13. Can you open Alfred Preferences, go to the Slackfred workflow, turn on debugger and then run this. That may help me narrow down what is happening.
  14. You could probably add an additional modifier to the workflow that uses applescript. For example: if you use 'slf' you hold 'ctrl' while clicking a result you can have Applescript relaunch Alfred with '+' and paste in the result.
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