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  1. This workflow should work with Alfred2: http://www.packal.org/workflow/speedtest
  2. Hello. I checked the workflow on Sierra and Alfred3, and it works. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I will follow this project, thanks.
  4. Sorry, I don’t know how to diagnose this. Looks like speedtest-cli command line app is working for you. I don’t know why it breaks in your alfred.
  5. Can you execute this in Terminal app: curl -o speedtest-cli https://raw.github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/master/speedtest_cli.py chmod +x speedtest-cli ./speedtest-cli --list … and show me output. After all you can remove this script with rm ./speedtest-cli Thx.
  6. Great advice, thx. Fixed. Before that, I used notification center for full text =)
  7. Please, try to debug workflow: http://take.ms/6WxKG Then try to use workflow as usual and post here errors from this window: http://take.ms/GNS2J Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Update: changed cache lifetime from 5 days to 10 min
  9. Measure internet speed with speedtest.net service Usage: speedserv 10 – show 10 nearest servers, press enter to test speed speedtest – test speed with nearest server speedtest 232 – test speed with server id 232 Results displayed in notification. Server list is cached and periodically updated automatically. Speedtest-cli included. Download on packal direct link Update log 24.03.2014 – fixed bug with cache 25.03.2014 – changed cache from 5 days to 10 min
  10. Hello, thanks, useful thing. Correct line 67 like this to filter cyrillic current device names: if device_name not in [hostname, computername.decode("utf-8")]:
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