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  1. No, my issue still isn't solved. I have another network I use that allows this to work.. Having to change networks kind of defeats the purpose of having something for improving productivity.
  2. I have tried this and pasting the php into command line and that works fine from terminal. It can work on different networks (out of office for example) but I don't know how to get the alfred environment to use the system proxy configuration. Is there a way to do this or does alfred not do this?
  3. Hi, I am trying to use a few workflows (new powerpack user), but any that use PHP don't seem to do anything from my work laptop on the work network. In System Preferences > Network > ... I use "Auto Proxy Discovery" Curl works fine from my terminal: curl http://lipsum.com/feed/json -d what=paras -d amount=3 -d start=no returns the correct data and php seems fine as php -r 'echo "PHP seems to be working ok from the command line";' also returns the correct data. I am trying to use this google translate workflow (among other php workflows): https://github.com/thomashempel/AlfredGoogleTranslateWorkflow and it just never does anything. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can get these PHP workflows to work, or how to get more diagnostic information? I have looked in console.app but can't seem to reproduce any errors by trying to use the failing workflows. Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Brendan
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