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  1. +1. An option to automatically show the subtext whenever there are multiple results with the same name would also be nice.
  2. I'm pleased to report everything is now working fine. I have absolutely no idea what fixed it. I haven't touched Alfred since I tried the [space]appname thing you suggested, but somehow it's now back to normal. Do you have any idea what happened? The metadata wasn't rebuilding in the background, AFAIK.
  3. @TingTingBen That's not the problem, unfortunately. Everything in there is fine. Yup, that works, although the application itself is often not the first on the list. For example, Photoshop is preceded by a dozen settings files.
  4. When I type in an app name I just get the default "Search Google", "Search Amazon" etc. I've rebuilt my metadata, cleared the cache, checked the scope and then reinstalled Alfred, but none of that has worked. Spotlight finds everything fine. I'm on a brand new MBP (got it today) so really don't know what I could have done to screw it up. Any ideas?
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