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  1. I'm not sure where you prefer issues to be posted, but i created a ticket https://github.com/jason0x43/jc-toggl/issues/1 It would be nice if this preserved Toggl's continue functionality properly, allowing Projects to still be linked to continued tasks
  2. Fair, and i agree with your points. I'm new to the common user alfred workflow .. workflows, so pardon any incorrect assumptions.
  3. Why not, in regards to security reasons? Eg, if you are able to run python/bash/etc, security is out the window. By not allowing installation hooks/scripts/etc, all you do is move the security concerns from installation, to runtime.. which doesn't seem to matter to me. I'm not arguing for it necessarily, just commenting At any rate, if i (or any developer) *needs* an installation/configure stage, all you're going to do is make that phase trigger on first run of your application. Eg, some Workflows popup asking for configuration (such as API Keys, etc).
  4. Is there any type of event during the installation of a workflow, that you can hook into? Eg, what if you wanted to install custom modules/etc during installation since it may be better *not* packing them into the workflow itself. Is this possible?
  5. Completely agree. There are many file/folder patterns that i *never* want in my results, yet they're often there. `node_modules` being a big one, and i'm sure any developer that uses a package manager deals with the same struggle. Hundreds of results, non of which he wants. I would really appreciate a good way to deal with this
  6. Just wanted to say huge thank you for this workflow. It works soo nicely (much better than the other one). Now if i could find a quality Task workflow like this, i'd be in heaven. Perhaps i'll try to make one with the Todoist API and model it after this source
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