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  1. Great workflow, thanks! One side note, I think the box for the hotkey should be positioned as in the image below. The way it is now it still brings up alfred and you have to hit return after pressing the hotkey.
  2. Thanks, appreciate your comment! The theme is now slightly updated because it didn't look good without the 'hide result shortcuts' enabled. You can find the app I use for displaying songs here: http://bowtieapp.com It's a great app with different themes, controls and last.fm integration. The theme I use is called 'unnamed.' and can be found in the build in theme gallery. You can't see it in the screenshots, but this theme integrates beautifully with the black border around the screen of a macbook pro especially if you tick the option that makes it stay in it's place regardless of mission control or fullscreen apps.
  3. Made this to match the new side dock introduced in OS X Mavericks. You can download it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12761102/SideDock%20Theme.zip Edit: since alfred's transparency blur hack doesn't work in Mavericks you can't match the theme and the dock exactly. If you want them to match you can however turn of the blur effect of the dock using this command string: defaults write com.apple.dock hide-mirror -bool true;killall Dock
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