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  1. Hi Tyler, Yes that mail was a 'rescue dog' from Time Machine. It sounds like that explains the issue. Thanks.
  2. Hi Vero, Thanks for the workflow. I'm on Day One with Alfred, so excuse me if I'm being dense. I had a mail that I somehow disappeared today. It was nowhere to be found - then via a web search I discovered that if you have the mail app on top you can search thorough Time Machine - and I found the mail I lost. Given this recent and very frustrating episode, I wanted to check out how Alfred could help. So I downloaded your WFl and tried by typing "emfrom krzysztof" (and yes I'm spelling that right!) - the workflow result bit displays but no result was returned, but I can see an email from this guy staring me in the face. It seems to work okay using the other two keywords though. What am I missing?
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